Teaching Pays

Directly Supporting Teachers for Teaching

Teaching is a calling, and although some teachers choose to earn additional income outside the classroom, all teachers choose this profession because they are passionate about working with children in the classroom. In fact, teachers spend on average $500 out of their own pocket each school year for classroom equipment, supplies and field trips not funded by their school. Our Teaching Pays pool is to help offset these costs for our featured teacher of the month.  This fund has no bureaucratic red tape or public policy funding requirements to navigate.  It is direct grass-roots support for educators.  

Thank you for participating and for showing your support for the often thankless, but certainly priceless role that educators play in our communities.  

Featured Teacher

Featured Teacher

Featured TeacherFeatured Teacher: Colorado & Kansas Teachers

This teaching pays pool is for Colorado & Kansas teachers to offset the average $500 each teacher spends of their own money on classroom supplies and equipment not funded by their schools. Your contribution no matter the size can have a tremendous impact. Every dollar counts, so please take a moment to contribute and then to share this movement with your social network. #ThankATeacher #TeachingPays