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Hiring Strangers For Personal Services Like Childcare, Housesitting or Tutoring Can Be Frightening. Why Take Any Chances?
Hire Someone You Can Trust...Your Local Teacher!

Did you know many local teachers in your community are available to help you with all kinds of services? From childcare, to house and pet sitting, of course tutoring, and more. There are many teachers in your school district waiting to assist you at

You can relax and feel safe knowing the teacher you hire is someone you feel good about because they’ve already been vetted by your school district and they’re already part of your local community.

Do good with your money as teachers do good for you!

Every time you hire a teacher through, 2% of your transaction goes back to the school of your choice.

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YES! I Want To Hire Someone I Can Trust!

Why hire someone you don’t know and don’t trust from random sites like Craigslist ...when you can hire someone local you can trust and feel safe with?
Someone who already serves your local community who would love to have your support in return?
The answer is simple: hire a teacher
The great thing about hiring teachers through is they’ve already been background checked to receive their teaching position. Building long-term relationships with them is easy because they are close by in your school district.
And here’s the best part, you’ll feel good because you’ll be getting help on your project while also helping out your community.
Our search tool allows you to search by your school district and narrow your search to find a neighborhood teacher who offers the exact services you want.
It’s as simple as searching for a teacher in your area who offers the services you need, sending them a message, and paying online with a debit or credit card. No subscription fees , no add-on costs for background checks, and you’ll never have to stress about tips!
The answer is simple: create your ByaTeacher profile right now.
You won’t ever have to worry if who you’re hiring is safe, because every teacher you hire at receives a background check from their school district in order to receive their teaching position. We verify the teaching credentials of the teachers on our site so you have the peace of mind that comes from always hiring a trustworthy individual.

The entire process of finding, hiring and paying a teacher for their services is quick, simple and easy.

Simply send a local teacher a quick message to arrange the details of the job, click the HIRE button and once the job is done you’ll receive an electronic invoice you can pay instantly via credit or debit card.
And because 2% of every transaction goes back to the school of your choice, you’re also supporting the community you live in!
It’s the perfect way to give back while you get the stress-free help you need.

Community Code of Conduct

All communities are a reflection of the way in which the individual members of the community behave and interact with each other.  Below is a brief reminder of how the community market expects each individual participant to contribute to the community.  You can also read the legalese governing this market at Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy.

Treat Everyone With Respect

  • No one likes surprises, so be descriptive and detailed when explaining your project to a teacher so they know what to expect when hired.
  • Be respectful of a teacher's time. Don't change times of scheduled work with less than 24 hour notice to the teacher.
  • Don't discriminate, ever.
  • When you click "Hire" honor that commitment as a contract between you and the teacher
  • Honestly represent yourself and your project.  Use your name, not a pseudonym, alias or abbreviation
  • Be responsive with your communication
  • Pay in a timely manner
  • Respect the rest of the ByaTeacher community and maintain all business through

Be Safe

  • Keep yourself and your teachers safe by considering safety with the type of project you select and way in which your project will be completed.
  • Use your best judgment in working with a teacher at your home or elsewhere, just like in working with any outside service provider.

Have Fun

  • Bring a little joy to your interactions
  • Remember to thank the teacher you work with, not only for their service on your project, but also their service to your community