About Us

What We Are

ByaTeacher.com is a web based community market where communities support their teachers and schools and teachers directly interact with their communities. 

Why We Are

Teachers are the cornerstone of education and our communities. 21% in Colorado work a second job to earn additional income, oftentimes in temporary, and therefore low paying jobs so that their fulltime teaching schedule can remain the priority. In addition, school funding in Colorado lags behind many states in the country.  

There are many nonprofit and public policy efforts focused on increasing school funding and teacher compensation, but the missing element has been an active community market that facilitates support of teachers and education through the purchase of typical household services.  

ByaTeacher.com is this community market and we are driven to increase teacher compensation and school funding via two avenues: directly through market transactions, and indirectly through cultivation of a community culture that supports education. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I be a Teacher and a Customer?

Yes! Currently the registration process is separate, and therefore you will need a separate customer and teacher account, each with a unique email address.

Q. What if I am a Charter/Independent School Teacher and Don't have a CO State Credential?

Please enter the name of where you teach and we will confirm your active teaching status with your school rather than via state credential.  For Independent School Teachers, please select the public district your independent school geographically falls within and then indicate your school during the profile creation process.  

Q. What if I am a College/University or Community College Teacher?

Welcome!  Please select the K-12 district most closely reflecting the geography of where you teach and notate which College or University System you teach within under the "School" portion of of the profile.  

Q. How Do I Pay?

Once your hired teacher completes the project, they will send you an invoice through ByaTeacher.com where you will quickly and easily pay via credit card.  Quick, efficient, secure, and no cash or check needed. 

Q. Should I tip?

No tips needed.  The hourly rates cover the full compensation for the task.

Q. What are the Hourly Rates?

Hourly rates are negotiated between each teacher and their customers.

Q. As a Teacher, am I an Employee of ByaTeacher.com?

No. ByaTeacher.com is a marketplace through which you conduct your business. As a teacher, you are an independent contractor to the customer.

Q. There Aren't Any Teachers In My District That Provide The Service I Want?

Try expanding your search to other districts, and check back often because we're growing fast.

Q. What is the Cost?

Having a profile and searching for services is free. ByaTeacher.com takes a 15% commission on each transaction + 2% donation to PTA/PTO Organization +3% for third party credit card processing fee. The commission is included within the hourly rates. This commission allows us to maintain the platform, grow the market, and continue to provide new tools for communities to support their teachers and schools.

For each Teaching Pays Contribution, ByaTeacher takes a 5% commission +2% donation to PTA/PTO Organization +3% for third party credit card processing fee.  This is in alignment with most crowd sourced funding platforms.  

Q. Are Contributions to the Teaching Pays Pool Tax Deductible?

Consult your tax advisor as each individual scenario may vary, but in general, contributions to the teaching pays pool are considered a gift and are therefore not tax deductible.

Q. Are There Other/More Services Offered?

Please contact us if you'd like to offer or purchase a service that is currently not shown on the site, and check back often because we'll continue to expand services as we grow

Q. I'm a Business or Business Owner Interested In Hiring Teachers - How Can I Do That?

Please contact us if you'd like to post an opportunity on our Job Board