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          3 617G 4 3/4 517G 6 LYD437G 6 LYD517G
          6 LYD537G

          1、Single cone bit has big compacts,higher breaking rock efficiency and ROP,is used in different formations.It can run through hard intercalated formations and soft&hard interlaces.

          2、The single cone bit has excellent gauge protection and up reaming ability by setting active cutting gauge compacts on head body and wear-resistant gauge compacts on cone.

          3、Dual-nozzle system of single cone bit improves the cleaning ability of hydraulic system on the cone and bottom hole,expedites upward flow of cuttings and assures higher ROP.

          4、Two seal-courses of the big,small bearing of single cone bit are made from HNBR, assure reliability of the sealing.

          5、Single cone bit is a kind of decelerating bit.Cone rotation speed is lower than bit rotation speed.Therefore it is suitable for drilling condition equipped downhole motor.

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