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          The supercharging system of Lilin double-screw pump is superior in the following aspects:

          Failure early warning
          The unattended detecting system can transmit all operating data in the supercharging system in the real time, and may issue warning in case of abnormalities so that on-site personnel could handle the problem in time and prevent from serious accident.

          Safety and high efficiency
          The supercharging system integrates machines, hydraulic pressure, instruments and electrical control and make pre-arranged planning for possible abnormalities to reduce failure rate and improve operating service life of machine unit.

          Remote monitoring
          The unattended detecting system can detect operating status of all equipment and send the data to control room remotely to reduce tour inspection frequency and reduce workload of personnel.

          Convenient maintenance
          Provide professional tooling, improve disassembly/assembly efficiency, and reduce technical level of after-sales personnel.

          Space saving
          Systematic planning, overall layout, and optimized pump set, pipeline, valve and instrument connection plan can reduce installation space.

          Diversified structures
          Change layout of pipeline, instruments and pump sets according to user demands to meet field application conditions.
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